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About IFLA ILC Working Group

The ILC working group, chaired by Professor Kathryn Moore, was set up in Suzhou in May 2010. 

The ILC team includes Francesco Bandarin, Assistant Director-General for Culture, UNESCO; Dr. Mechtild Rössler, Chief of Policy Section, UNESCO World Heritage Centre; Nora Mitchell (US) Director, Conservation Study Institute, National Park Service and Mónica Luengo (SP) Chair, ICOMOS/IFLA Cultural Landscape Committee, as well as IFLA members Martha C. Fajardo, SAP Miembro Honorario, SCA Miembro Activo,  ASLA Miembro Internacional, IFLA Former President, Patricia O'Donnell (US) Principal of Heritage Landscapes (; US ICOMOS, Prof. PhD Xiaoming Liu School of Landscape Architecture, Beijing Forestry University, China, Bruno Marques Member of the Board of ELAU, Lecturer at Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia), co-chair of the IFLA Strategic Plan Working Group; and Mohammad Motalebi, President-ISLAP-IRAN. 

Its work is guided by invaluable contributions from the ILC working group meetings held during the IFLA World Council and IFLA conferences in Zurich (June 2011) and Cape Town (August 2012) and ongoing correspondence, and since September 2012, support and advice from IPOGEA, FAO, BDC and numerous other agencies and partners. 

Please contact IFLA Secretariat Ms. Christine Bavassa ([email protected]

or IFLA ILC Working Group ([email protected]) for further information 


About IFLA


The development and promotion of the profession of landscape architecture, together with its related arts and sciences, throughout the world.

The understanding of landscape architecture as physical and cultural phenomena concerned with environmental heritage and ecological and social sustainability.

The establishment of high standards of professional practice in the design of the landscape, its management, conservation and development.


The International Federation of Landscape Architects is the body representing Landscape Architects worldwide. Its purpose is to coordinate the activities of member associations when dealing with global issues, and to ensure that the profession of landscape architecture continues to prosper as it continues to effect the design and management of our environment.

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